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Windows 7 ssd to hdd

November 9, 2012 3:58:03 AM

First, this site has helped with numerous things. Fantastic community...but having issues moving data.

I have a 128gb ssd (C:) , trying to move things to the hdd (D:) . Specifically the program and program x86 files, in order to set up primary drive as hdd for everything except the OS.

I've tried...
Creating the same file within the D: drive (hdd). (i.e. program file/program files x86)
Copying and pasting the files into the D: drive (hdd) corresponding files
Using regedit to specify path from C:\program files etc...over to D:\program files. Same with x86.

Something as simple as opening internet explorer then results in an error..."path does not exist D:\program files etc"

Can't delete the files from ssd either. Spent forever changing the admin login, now trying to delete results in "you need permission from S1-(cue endless string of numbers).

Is it because I can't delete the same file from the C: (ssd) drive?
At a loss for why the path doesn't exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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