How to install a 1 TB new drive in a windows 7 64bit desktop for storage

I ordered a new 1 TB internal drive that i am going to install in a windows ultimate 64 that i only wanted to use for storage. Would any one let me know the steps after the power and 6gb/s sata cable is attached. i was wondering if i have to format and where do the drivers go to on the computer as i have a server and may need the drivers for when i go to restore in the future. As would i also need to install the drivers on the thumb drive with the other drivers that i use when restoring.
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  1. Right-click on "computer" and select "manage". In the left pane select "disk management". You should now see your drives. Locate the new 1TB drive. Right click the drive and select "initialize". Follow the wizard instructions - basically partitioning and formatting the drive. Once this is done and the drive has a letter assigned to it, it will show up in windows.
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