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Using an ASROCK A330ION. This board is supposed to use up to 512mb of RAM as shared video memory dedicated to the GPU. In this instance it is not! I am using Windows 7 32 bit if that helps. So mi only seeing 3.3gb RAM available?

When I installed 1gb > ION used 128mb (1/8)
When I installed 2gb > ION used 256mb (1/8)

Now I have installed 4gb, I would expect it to use the full 512mb advertised, but it is not!????

Please help


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  1. If it's 32-bit Windows, I'm assuming (I'm not really sure on this one) that it's not really recognising 4 GB of RAM which may meant that you won't get the full 512 MB of shared RAM for the ION chip.
  2. Thats what I thought. Whis is this? And would installing 64 bit resolve this? (and why would it resolve this?)
  3. whats with the avatar...either into cats in a big way or mephedrone! lol
  4. Hi,

    using the zotac ion motherboard on my side.

    You have to setup in your bios how much RAM you want the gpu to use.

    However, even with 4GB RAM and x64 windows, you will only see max 3.0 to 3.5 GB RAM.

    Atom processors (230/330 for sure) cannot do memory remapping (however they do support x64 instructions).

  5. Hi,

    I am using an ASRock. has OC tweaker within the BIOS so guessing it would also have the GPU settings

    What do you mean memory re-mapping (just for my education)

    Why mention the 230 . ... is the 330 just two of these bolted together?

    I upgraded the heatsink and when i removed the old one you can clearly see two seperate processor die


  6. how can memory remap not work with an atom 330. If it is bolted to an ION, the memory is being remapped between system and GPU as they share the RAM

  7. Hi,

    memory remapping is a feature that let you use your full >4GB RAM on x64 oses.

    The atom 230/330 does not support this (I don't know about new 4xx and 5xx atom).

    The atom 330 is 230x2.

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