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Asus AI Suite II FAILING Install

Trying to install Asus AI Suite II, and after a few "security messages" about enabling this and that to run, nothing happens.

It did create a Asus folder in my C:\Program Files(X86) folder, and when I try to delete it, it says something is running (aaHW.exe?).

It does not matter is I use the DVD included with my Asus P8Z68-V Pro mobo, or the updated download set from Asus, on my hard drive.

When I reboot and delete the folder, and try again, same thing.

Now what is really weird, is I had this installed on Friday with my "first" system setup and install. I installed all the device drives from the DVD, and then the AI SUite II software. It installed, but I never ran any of it.

However, due to a hardware issue (lost one of the RAID drives, kinda), I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and all the updated drivers from the Asus website this time. Then installed all my other programs (Office, Nero, Norton, VLC, iTUnes, etc.), and set them up how I like 'em.

Now when I try.....FAIL! It doesn't freeze the system, it just stops or hangs the install.

Any comments?

My system is listed in my signature.
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  1. Howdy! Don't use it, I've posted at least 200~300+ times not to use these type utilities.

    Download the latest version but uninstall the current version run as Administrator. If you're still having issues uninstalling then either use safe mode or run MSCONFIG, select Diagnostic mode and restart. :)
  2. Where did you post "not to use these utilities?"

    The link you provided is for a P8P67 board, using Win 7 32.

    I have a P8Z68-V Pro board, running Win 7 x64.

    I have no option to uninstall, as they never fininshed. I just delete the folder.
  3. Google = BIOS Invasive +Jaquith

    The link was meant to be informative. IMO wait until there's a new version. This problem along with others has cropped up since the AI Suite release. If you're good with the registry I'd search for anything 'ASUS' and delete the keys, but only after backing-up your registry.

    OC is a breeze and the AI Suite offers little benefits but plenty of conflicting problems, and accessing the BIOS/EFI is easy.
  4. Thanks jaqith.

    I'll manually OC, i found a website with settings.

    Just woulda liked to use software that the mobo manufacter provided, or the downloaded updates. Go figure.
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    You're a 1000% better off, and as you've discovered it's very easy. IMO don't run the vCore above 1.35v and 1.40v MAX, and whatever lowest value is stable is BEST. Run Prime 95 overnight and monitor your temps. In many cases, to a point, the vCore doesn't need to be touched it all depends on the target OC.

    Also, I would set your Corsair Vengance DDR3-1600 manually: Frequency, CAS incl Command Rate, & Voltage.

    Good info ->

    Enjoy! :)
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