How important are intake fans?

Unfortunately some budget cases do not offer to install optional front intake fan.How important are intake fans.I want to build a gaming pc but one is more budget desktop with something specs like an intel i3 proccessor rad hd 4670 and another one is an intel i7 with gtx 470.But in my instance how important are intake fans?
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  1. Case ventilation, airflow, and cooling are very important for gamers and enthusiasts. The combination of intake and exhaust fans help to cool internal components, especially the cpu and video card.

    Here is a link to a web page with an animation depicting the classic bottom front to top rear air flow. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the animation:
  2. So it is best to buy a high quality chassis with the option to add a front intake fan?
  3. more exhaust air flow is always more important than intake. a fan at the upper rear getting the hot air out is most important, and as it removes this hot air, cool air is also drawn in through ventilation holes in the case. I have tested this using 1 fan. temperature is much lower when it is set up at the upper rear sucking out hot air than in the front blowing cool air in.
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    Nah,even budget chassis has a option for a front intake fan.

    but i see that some chassis dont have holes in the front like this?does this have the optional front intake fan?
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    what is your budget?

    i dont have a rigid budget but i am asking did the previous chassis have a front intake fan?
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    you can remove that front cover which will give you the space to install an intake fan.You can also install it on its side.

    we can?how can we do that?
  7. thanks..if you do have a link on how to install a front intake fan.please pm me.
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