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I just bought a samsung ssd 830 128 GB because it was on sale. I just have a few questions.

1.If I decide to copy my entire HDD to the SSD do I have to change the slot of each bay so, the computer launches windows 7 from the SSD ( after i wipe the HDD )? because I know there is a problem to clone the data but one video said I had to change the placement of the HDD so that the cpu starts windows 7 with the SSD

2.If I get lazy (i had to format and install crap 5 times in one month because of problems) can i just put my games on my SSD like BF3 and the new BLACK OPS 2? and if i do so, DO i have to UNINSTALL and INSTALL everything like STEAM and ORIGIN and REINSTALL them on my SSD?

3.IF i decide to just clone my info how do I clear the patrition and wipe my drive? I believe it is from boot setup menus because I had to do it before because I had to do a clean OS reinstall

PLease help.
These forums always give me good information and I try to look stuff up before I come here but im getting like mixed answers
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    1. What was actually meant is that you have to go into the system BIOS and designate your ssd as the primary boot drive instead of the hard disk drive. You don't actually have to change the location of the drives inside your pc case.

    2. You can install games on an ssd. A clean install is the preferred method.

    3. Use the free Samsung SSD Magician utility and a USB flash drive to secure erase your 830.
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