Core I5 vs I7 with Crossfire mobility 5870

Hi all,

Ive recently decided to purchase my first proper gaming laptop. I decided to go all out and get the alienware m17x but I have a few questions on the performance of the CPU. Im going with the ATI mobility crossfire 5870 cards but I have a choice between a core i5 540m or a core i7 720QM. Theres only 30 euros difference in price between them (with the i7 being slightly more expensive) and was wondering is it worth it to get the i7? Will it have any major effect on the quality of the graphics?

Thanks in advance for any awnsers :)
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  1. Whoa, sorry for the double post, was sure I only hit submit once...
    How do you delete topics on this fourm?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    I would go with the i7 because there are some games/apps that benefit from more than 2 cores and for 30 euros,its worth it.
  3. I was thinking about that allright but on the other hand the i5 is the newer processer and is clocked at 2.53Ghz as opposed to the i7 clocked at 1.60 Ghz. But then again the i7 has 6mb cache compared to 3mb on the i5...

    Are there many games out these days that use quad core technology? I was under the assumption that most games were designed to run on one thred rather than multible threads?....

    Thanks for your response.....
  4. In games which are single threaded,i5 is faster but like i said there are some games which benefit from quad core(Like Prototype,GTA IV,Crysis.... and some RTS games like World in conflict)
  5. But by how much do they benefit? And would single threaded games performance suffer?

    Are there any benchmarks out where I could compare performance? Ive looked but cant seem to find any relevent ones.....
  6. It mostly depends on the game and resolution.Here are 2 good articles(they are for desktop CPU but you'll get the idea),2280-11.html,review-31646-13.html
  7. The i7 can hit 2.9ghz on turbo. While the i5 can hit 3ghz on turbo. The i7 is stronger in terms of gaming but both would eat battery life pretty hard.

    Then again, I don't recommend you running any sort of games on battery.
  8. i would go with the i5 i bought it with i7 and i kept running out of battery besides the difference isn't that big
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