PC not rebooting immediately, but after 10 minutes it reboots

Specs: Windows XP, Lenovo Desktop, 1GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, Intel Core 2 Duo, No GPU.

My PC has this weird problem.It is a Lenovo Desktop.
If I choose to reboot it... the system shuts down but does not power on. It gets stuck just before the windows loading screen in xp.

But if it is turned off and after 10 minutes if I start the comp... it boots properly.

I have no Idea if this is a hardware / software problem. I have not installed any new hardware recently.

Any Ideas? Please help me out!!!
Thanks in advance
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  1. Done that already... Still I am getting no results. The problem persists.
  2. Reinstalled thrice... :)
    Also I tried rebooting in an AC room with ma mobo outside directly in front of the AC. Just to make sure heat is not a problem.
    Still it doesnt work.

    Is this not a hardware problem? COz heating and OS reinstall didnt help
  3. all your fans spinning? PSU fan cpu fan vga fan..etc... Check RAM with MEMTEST86+. Check hard drive with the manufacturers diagnostic tool...
  4. Indeed. Run through all the hardware checks that you can. If everything checks out, I'd be willing to bet that it has something to do with the motherboard, perhaps it is on its way out. On the other hand, it could be the PSU, which could be on its way out as well. It's tough diagnosing these things!
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