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Qustion, when putting my computer together I picked the Evga X58 FTW3 SLI motherboard and the best memory that I could find for it at the time (5 months ago) was, at leasr I thought was 6 gigs of "Corsair Dominator" a three channel kit (DDR3 1600 PC312800) But as I look at my "System Scores" everything else is running from a 7.9 to a 6.2, but my memory scores a 5.5 Is there anything that I could for the memory that I have now to speed it up, or should I get 6 gigs of some other Memory. And if so, what memory would you suggest?? *Note, my computer is set up for 98% of Gameing....

Thank you...
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  1. What exact Dominator do you have?

    Example 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24-2T @ 1.65v:
    Frequency/Voltage Control
    Memory Feature
    Memory Frequency -> 1600MHz
    tCL Setting -> 9
    tRCD Setting -> 9
    tRP Setting -> 9
    tRAS Setting -> 24
    Command Rate -> 2T
    Voltage Control
    DIMM Voltage -> 1.65v {use closest value}
  2. It's the regular Dominator not the GT...
  3. You need to know to set the CAS, use CPU-z to identify CAS. Look at the right most values under SPD - then substitute the correct numbers as above.
  4. Ok, I'll submit those values in the bios and see what happens.....Thanks.
  5. Good Luck! :)
  6. Don't worry about windows scores too much.

    While you're messing with CPUZ, check and make sure your RAM is running at reasonable speed, that all 6GB are recognized, that it's in triple channel, etc.
  7. True if 4GB is being recognized with x64 Win 7 is will default to 5.5.

    Verify Total & Installed:

  8. jaquith said:
    True if 4GB is being recognized with x64 Win 7 is will default to 5.5.

    Oh, good find.
  9. I'm not a fan boy of WEI either, the logical thing is to get the BIOS to match the component(s). If the BIOS tweaking/settings failed then you need to look into other stuff.

    Edit: The worst WEI I've seen with 1600 MHz 3X2GB Domintor's was 7.7, and most 1600 are 7.8 or 7.9 {CAS 8-8-8-24-2T} and with Windows 7 x64.

    You are 100% correct in your suggestions! :)
  10. Ok I went to change the values in the bios, but the only changes I need to make was the command rate to 2, and the dimm voltage to 1.70. Everything else was at the settings that you indicated....But still see a 5.5......Oh well
  11. Make sure Windows actually seeing all of your RAM! :)
  12. Yep, if after the BIOS settings {1600 MHz, CAS, Voltage} and you re-ran WEI but are still getting 5.5 then more than likely one of the sticks is 'off' {bad DIMM slot} or bad stick <OR> they are not installed in the correct DIMM slots {see below}. If 1.65v is not available then I'd use 1.64v or the closet to 1.65 available in the BIOS.

    DIMM Slots:
  13. Like I said above, all the setting were like the one's you posted. Except I change the "T1" to "T2" and the voltage up to "1.75". Question, What dose "WEI" stand for?? Oh and one more thing, my computer recognizes the amount of ram that I have, but it never says what "Brand" they are......
  14. "WEI" is Windows Experience Index. :) That's the windows "feature" that is scoring your system. Your computer my not be able to identify the brand or manufacturer of your RAM. This information is encoded onto each RAM stick. Sometimes the manufacturer is there. Sometimes it isn't.

    Use CPUZ to confirm that your CPU and RAM are running at their rated speeds. IMO, if you aren't experiencing any other problems, ignore WEI.
  15. If your Total and Installed is >6000 MB, see above, and Corsair Dominator 1600 MHz CAS 8/9 then there's no flipping way your WEI is going to be 5.5 on Windows 7 x64 -- UNLESS there's a problem.

    It's not that I'm stuck or even care about WEI -- the OP's WEI 5.5 screams either the RAM is NOT Dominator 3x2GB 1600 MHz CAS 8/9 or 4GB is being recognized.
  16. Ok, so what can I do to to find out that it's the correct ram that I have short of opening my system???
  17. Use CPU-z -> then open the 'SPD' tab. On the left most column there should be a column labeled XMP-1600 which will list the CAS, Frequency (multiply X 2 e.g. 800X2=1600), and then publish the Part Number.

    Also under the Resource Monitor what are the Total and Installed values?

    I assume the RAM is installed per the DIMM Slots above; DIMM 1,3,5.

    Next, click -> 'Re-run the assessment' to update your WEI.

  18. Ok I ran CUPZ and it recognizes that I have 6 gigs of ram as well as the Manufacture (Corsair) with its part number (CM3X2G1600C8D)...
  19. The CM3X2G1600C8D is a part number for the Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D

    1600MHz, 8-8-8-24-2N, 1.65V, 3x2GB

    I know that kit well and the WEI should be at minimum of 7.8. Therefore, something's wrong.

    1. Frequency
    2. Windows failing to 'see' 2GB of the 6GB; see the Resource Manager.

    Just because the BIOS and CPU-z sees the 6GB doesn't mean Windows is seeing all the RAM.

    Q1 - Resource Manager - what are the values:
    Hardware Reserved =
    Available =
    Total =
    Installed =

    Q2 - BIOS, are the following set and saved?

    Frequency/Voltage Control
    Memory Feature
    Memory Frequency -> 1600MHz
    tCL Setting -> 8
    tRCD Setting -> 8
    tRP Setting -> 8
    tRAS Setting -> 24
    Command Rate -> 2T
    Voltage Control
    DIMM Voltage -> 1.65v {use closest value} 1.64v or 1.66v

    edit: this is an example of my 'everyday' pseudo workstations with Dominator 1600 CAS 9 7.8 WEI ->
  20. Ok first answer, All the settings in my Bios (The Values that you have shown) are set and saved. Second, this might sound a little foolish but where do you find "Resource Manager" for Windows 7?? I looked every where, googled it and found no answer. Can you tell me where to find it??
  21. There's probably a faster way, Start / right-click Computer & select Manage / click Performance / click Open Resource Manager link
  22. OK, first off my DIMM Voltage is at 1.70v.
    Secound, I hope this is what your asking for..

    Hardware Reserved: 4105 mb
    Available: 1054 mb
    Total: 2039 mb
    Installed: 6144 mb

    Dose this look good??
  23. Hardware Reserved: "4105 mb" = VERY BAD!!! :( It means 2 of 3 sticks being blocked by the BIOS {turned-off} to prevent errors/damage.

    Now, you see why I was so persistent...

    1. Shutdown, unplug & Pull the RAM, clean with Isopropyl alcohol -> moisten the RAM contacts with Isopropyl alcohol, insert damp, remove, clean then repeat, remove and allow to dry 5 minutes. Re-install firmly to fully seat and snap-in DIMM slots as illustrated above.

    2. Reset/recheck your RAM A or B

    A. XMP RAM Setting: IF Memory SPD or Memory Control Setting have XMP the use that feature.

    B. Manual RAM settings:
    Frequency/Voltage Control
    Memory Feature
    Memory Frequency -> 1600MHz
    tCL Setting -> 8
    tRCD Setting -> 8
    tRP Setting -> 8
    tRAS Setting -> 24
    Command Rate -> 2T
    Voltage Control
    DIMM Voltage -> 1.65v {use closest value} 1.64v or 1.66v
    CPU VTT Voltage -> 1.30v

    3. If FAILURE: Clear CMOS button - shutdown & unplug, press and hold Clear CMOS button for at least 5 seconds.
    Set Date & Time
    Set SATA Mode -> AHCI ; if never used see ->
    Set RAM per #2 above.
    Save & Exit = Yes

    4. Failure return (RMA) your RAM to Corsair.
  24. Ok Understood. My question is how the RAM could be dirty in only 5 months. But I'll do as you suggested and see what happens. Also what do you mean about "RAM A or B"??
  25. BTW....the Memory is using the "XMP" Feature...Also you can see that my "Hardware Reserved" is at 4105 mb...What should it be, and after I get done cleaning the memory and settint it correctly into it's slots.....What should I be looking at "Value" wise???
  26. RE A/B - there's 2 different ways to set the RAM manually or XMP {Intel only}. So if XMP is failing the don't use it. Trying to guess what you've got set wrong in your BIOS is nearly impossible, so Load Defaults and use the 'B' Manual RAM BIOS method. As a note, none of my OC rigs are XMP and they're all set manually; manual is best for OC.

    RE Dirty - I'm ruling out production oils used to bend the DIMM contacts interfering with proper contact {it's a should have problem - it should have been done during MOBO manufacturing}, and I would not be listing the process just for something to do.

    RE H/W Reserved - AGAIN it means that the BIOS has determined that the RAM is malfunctioning, causes unknown i.e. 1 of many reasons, so it disabled the RAM to prevent damage and/or errors; Windows cannot use it - period. It's NOT available to the system -- thus explaining the reason for the WEI 5.5 scoring as I mention above. H/W Reserved size, LOOK at the image above, it's Dominator 3x2GB 1600 CAS 9-9-9-24 nearly that same as yours -- 9MB maybe 12MB max instead you have 4105MB wasted.

    As it is NOW it's the same as if you pulled-out 2 of your 3 sticks of RAM and threw them in the garbage can ---> they're NOT WORKING!
  27. Ok I took out the memory, cleaned it, let dry, and then placed them back into there slots. I still get the same valuse as before. Question, Whats using the "B" manual RAM BIOS?? I looked in my Bios and couldn't find anything that comes close to that. In addition the only changes that I have made in my Bios is in the "Voltage". Meaning that I have just simply uped the speed to my CPU.....And the only changes that I have made to my computer, was RMAing my two "C" drives and then recieving the two New "C" drives, setting it back up in RAID0 configuration and then reinstalling Windows 7 Pro on a Clean new disk......The only thing that I can think of now is contacting "Corsair" check with them and then RMA the Three memory sticks....Sounds good to you??
  28. In the BIOS use and change the following values, the Manual I'm looking at gave me following nomenclature {names}. Again, don't use the XMP values and set the memory parameters manually. In my opinion, the memory is 'probably' okay -- I've never seen one of those kits have two bad sticks but plenty of bad BIOS values.


    Use the default values of:
    Memory SPD AND Memory Control

    Menu and sub-menu:
    Frequency/Voltage Control
    Memory Feature

    Enter these values:

    Memory Frequency -> 1600MHz
    tCL Setting -> 8
    tRCD Setting -> 8
    tRP Setting -> 8
    tRAS Setting -> 24
    Command Rate -> 2T
    Voltage Control
    DIMM Voltage -> 1.65v {use closest value} 1.64v or 1.66v
    CPU VTT Voltage -> 1.30v
  29. Ok here's the deal....I was able to set the mem freq to 1600, but was unable to set the
    tRAS to 24, or the Command Rate to 2T. Also I was unable to change the
    DIMM Voltage and the CPU VTT Voltage. What would happen is that at first my computer just would not boot. So I reset the CMOC and did it slower. Then when I started to add Values and then save and exit, the computer always booted to "Start Windows in Fix Problem" or start Normal. I tryed both and it always booted back to the same screen. So again I reset the CMOS and added only the mem freq to 1600 (It was at 1066) than I could use my computer once again. Problem is, is that I still have the same Values that I listed for Hardware, Avalible,Total, and installed.......Oh another thing, still at 5.5......Where do we go from here??
  30. Franklin, when you installed your current version of Windows, did you install it fresh or did you do an upgrade process? (i.e. you upgraded form Vista to Win7 without reinstalling anything as opposed to installing Win7 fresh)

    Could you post your system specs? Please include your BIOS version, CPU model number, and PSU.

    Problem could be (no particular order) any of the following. Jaq, please correct me if some of these have been ruled out.

    1) Bad ram (as Jaq said, this is unlikely... 2 bad sticks in one kit?) confirm/rule out by running memtest86+ and/or booting with each stick individually (i.e. by itself).
    2) Corrupt windows install. Confirm/rule out by doing a fresh install - preferably on a spare HD so you don't risk losing your data.
    3) Funky BIOS setting -fixed by clearing CMOS or resetting defaults. I think you tried this? If not, clear CMOS and boot it up with everything on default.
    4) Corrupt BIOS? Confirm/rule out by flashing your BIOS. Slightly risky.
    5) Bad memory controller/CPU. This would suck but is very rare. Confirm/rule out by trying a different CPU.
    6) Hardware flaw on motherboard. Could be a bad slot or anything. Rule out all of the above to confirm this. I guess you could try one stick in every slot to figure out if you have a bad slot.
  31. The first thing is to update the BIOS with the latest version and/or re-flash the BIOS. The next thing that I would do is to contact EVGA, those values should be modifiable; UNLESS using XMP. IF the BIOS is Default then the RAM should work and ALL of the RAM should be available; otherwise 'something' is bad.

    IF you RMA the RAM contact Corsair and you 'can' arrange for them to send out replacements while keeping what you've got they 'can' arrange a credit card hold <or> purchase a 2nd matching set and exchange the old -> you'll have 12GB later.

    You could have a bad MOBO, BIOS, RAM, CPU/CPU pin. I used to see a ton of P55's with bent CPU pins interfering with proper IMC communication {missing RAM} but very rarely on the LGA 1366.
  32. Ok..when I did the fresh install it was off my Win 7 Pro Disk and had no issues. I'll work on updating my bios, and then contact Evga and see whats up...If all is not I'll contact Corsair for RMA.....Also my setting is Standered not XMP, but the strange thing is when I run CPUZ it tells me that SPDext is XMP.....I don't understand that...
  33. The JEDEC standard on the SPD tab will include 'XMP 1600' that's normal.

    I know this is a pain to deal with and I hope a quick and easy resolution.

    Good Luck! :)
  34. Oain in the ass, you have no idea what pain in the ass this is going to be. I contacted Evga and they straighten out the memory issue I believe. They told my to select the XMP value which works GREAT because it reset my memory settings to the values that you have given me. Great, so I think I'm home free here, update my bios and everything is running fine, or so I thought it was. After rebooting I went back into my bios to change the voltage value for my cpu to 155 instead of 133. I alwasys do this to get a little spead. Well after I saved and rebooted, the screen would stop at the begining of the reboot at the first page telling my about my Award system and all that but would go no futher. I contacted Evga again, ran some tests to find out what in the hell is going on.....Yep you guessed it, the hardest thing (At least for me) that the motherboard was at fault, and that I need to replace it....All good and dandy for People like yourself that have built computers from the top up, but a friend of mine who built my system is 2,000 miles away. So I have two choices, one asking my friend to get the new motherboard and re build my system again (Which would be the best choice) or find someone in my area that I can trust to strip down my system, install the New motherboard and build it back up again..(Which could be quite exspensive) or Three, live with what I have even though when my memory is still at 5.5 and has the same values that I listed above.....I'm screwed..... :(
  35. No! You are not screwed. :P Your system is fine with everything set to default/stock. How is that a problem? :)

    edit: Actually, is it fine? When you said everything was "GREAT", did you check and see if windows was seeing all 6GB of your RAM?
  36. Yep, I've got a good idea -> Most of us have been there once or twice :(
  37. eightdrunkengods said:
    No! You are not screwed. :P Your system is fine with everything set to default/stock. How is that a problem? :)

    edit: Actually, is it fine? When you said everything was "GREAT", did you check and see if windows was seeing all 6GB of your RAM?

    The 'Screwed' part isn't the WEI, it was a symptom of a larger problem. The OP has 6GB of RAM installed, but only 2GB is available to use in Windows i.e. Applications. This does slow the system down considerably and renders a 'great' system into a crippled system.

    Rebuilding is only scary until you do it once and then it's easy unless you have a 'water block' or some really bizarre set up. There's a lot of 'How to' videos. EVERYONE at one time was a 'Building Virgin'.

    I KNOW the OP can rebuild it :)
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