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Hello,looking for $200-$250 single video card to run with I7-730 OC at 3.9G - HD5830 best bet?
I will have a corsair CMPSU-750TX. I use a 24 wide 1900x1200 Dell LCD.(Edit)
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  1. What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Monitor resolution?
  2. In terms of value the 5850 is probably the best bang you can get for your buck but that is $50 out of your price range. The 5770 has more value, it performs slower than the 5830 but cost a whole lot less.
  3. Tnx, I was looking at XFX Radeon HD 5830 1GB DDR5 HDMI DISPLAY PORT PCI-E 2.1 - can get one for CDN$279.
    I'll look for the 5770 too.
  4. What abouthe nvida GTX 460 1G?? Looks pretty good also.
  5. I would suggest the 460 1G, depends on your motherboard, and ati vs nvidia preference.
  6. VGA GIGABYTE| GV-N460OC-1GI R @$242.49
    I went for one of these from newegg - let you know when I receive it.
  7. gtx 460 1 gb all the way
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