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Its to upgrade my pc and I need some help. I am doing my homework to get the best parts for the best performance. These are the following parts I want to get, and I need some advice if they will be the sufficent or what should I swap out ect.

CPU: Intel Core i5 760 Quad - 2.8Ghz
Motherboard: Im still deciding between the
Asus P7P55D-E Evo or the
Intel "Extreme Series" Kingsburg P55
Graphics Card: Im looking at the Asus GTX460 1GB
Memory: 2x 2GB Trancend DDR-3 1600 - im still unsure about my memory
I have a 500W Odin powersupply - will this be big enough to run all of the components

I wanted to get the thoughts and suggestions before I just randomly buy pc and parts

Thanx in advance
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  1. Shot thanx the Asus it is then, for memory i was considering Corsair Dominator RAM, i live in South Africa dont think ill be able to get g.skill memory but will see if i can hunt them down. Budget is bit tight will look at a other powersupply later.

    But all else, this is a fine built?>
    Thanx again
  2. Yep, its a great build! Are you overclocking?
  3. Havnt played around yet with overclocking, to be honest im a bit scared with overclocking. In a later point I want to get another GTX460 to run SLi, just cause i can lolz and my motherboard was my main concern so I just wanted to hear if the Asus P7P55D-E Evo is a good board or is there something else you would recommend
  4. A few things u should know about SATA/USB 3.0 tech and mobos as shown by our very own forums here
    USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s, Motherboards, And Overcoming Bottlenecks,2583.html
    Also note that LGA 1156 shall be usurped by LGA 1155 as soon as end of this year/possible Q1 next year if u intending to sink a wee bit on chip + board FYI...
  5. Its fine. I just need to find a replacement pc for mine cause my pc is bout to packup and i never really used my computer's full potential so im just looking 4 a pc for when i install a game or program it wont give me any hassles. So im just getting suggestions and ideas from everywhere :)

    Thanks again for all your help
  6. BTW i just recieved another quote from a company, they quoted me on the P7P55D-E Pro

    Which one will be a better pick the evo or the pro? I cant seem to find the difference between the two >.>
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