Display driver has stopped responding : And has been Recovered

I know I am starting another Thread.

I have ATI 4770.
Just want to know if there is a solution to my problem below. ? :cry: OR Should I get another GPU??

I got this problem now!
It happens whilst playing games only

It started appearing 2 weeks ago. Before that I never had this problem.
I had started playing Dragon Age origins:Awakening.
The game startsup, I play little, sometimes when all the spells are going around the game would shut down.
I thought it must be a bug with the Expansion. It kept happening randomly every 15-20 minutes in the game
I kept on playing till the end where I had to kill the "Mother" boss.
This bug screwed my end game I was just not able to kill her. Just When the fight starts up all the spells go on her the game hangs and shuts down.
Kept trying trying till 30 mins.
Solution: I dint use any spells, got the 2 characters to die. Fought all the damn creatures and the boss one to many.
My warrior killed one each at a time, i must have consumed some 100 health potions.

Then I went on to other game Assassins creed, and same story.
The same glitch started appearing in all the games even in my beloved NFS most wanted.

Problem is there in both XP and Windows 7.

Do you think my GPU is dying out. Coz its been 2 years with my gpu and this never happened before.
Have tried everying.

1. Clean install
2. TDR reg settings
3. Removing DDR mem from 1 slot.
4. Bios update.
5. Underclocking/Overclocking
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  1. What driver are you using ? (try different drivers like 10.3-10.6)
    Also can you test some other games too ?
  2. Ya using 10.3- Just installed it day before yesterday. But its happening in all games which i have listed above and at random.
    Its random shut down. It was also happening in this Penumbra Overture, every 10-15 mins.

    As i said its random, I jst played Penumbra Overture for an hour now and it dint freeze up. Something silly going on.
  3. Sounds like a memory problem if its as intermittent as that.
  4. I'm not sure if its a memory problem but just to be sure,test with memtest for 4-8hrs and see if it reports any problems or not
  5. can be a memory problem
    or is your card overclocked?
  6. card is at normal speed.
    Will memory be a problem?
    I have 2 ddr sticks.
    I removed 1 stick and tested and then swapped and tested but the problem persists.
  7. Have you tested with memtest ?
  8. hmmm ill try memtest and update..
  9. mem test success 0 errors.
  10. hmm.. looks like my gpu is gone... I am playin on onboard now and no crashes since then.
    I hope fustion or something like it comes soon.

    (ATI PALIT) what a time when palit has stopped supporting ATI.
    Ill still check with the dealer if the warranty exists and ask for refund and try getting a new one.
    Looks like ill have to go Without a gpu for a month.. :S

  11. I have had a personal experience with this Driver stopped responding issue and at the end i had to sell my laptop,i have seen many users with the same problem and they end up RMA'ng it.
    Its kind of an error which sometimes can be fixed with a driver update,disabling aero,.... but sometimes it can't.
  12. I have my system back to stock on CPU and GPU.
    I'm using a 5850 direct CU.
    I get the "driver has stopped responding and has recovered" error every so often only when playing Fallout 3.
    So far it's only Fallout 3 GOTY that gives me problems. Metro 2033, Dirt 2, GRID all work fine (but I don't play them for 3 hours or more :) ).
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