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I am wondering where the best place to get my drivers for my Grpahics card are. I am unsure if i should get them directly from nvidia or from the people who make the card?

I have a Gainward GTX285 2048MB graphics card.

Do I go for Nvidia :

Or do I go for Gainward :

Also do I get DirectX 10 or 11? I know DirectX 11 games are far away so does that mean I should just get 10 and that will perform better?

Cheers for you help,
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    Always download the latest VGA drivers from Nvidia site, because sometimes manufactures don't update them as soon as official drivers are out from Nvidia.
    As for DirectX, your card supports DX10 only, and it depends on the OS that you are using.If its XP,then you are limited to use DX9, but Vista/7 support DX10(You can download the latest version from MS site if you want)
  2. Thanks alot!

    As a side question how do i give the best answer thing? I have wanted to for a few other posts but don't know how to!

    Thanks Again
  3. Just choose "BEst ANswer" on the bottom right of the post, on the left "Reply to Maziar"...
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  4. Well you can't currently choose it because when you was making this thread,you chose "Discussion" rather than "Question", and in discussion mode, you can't choose the best answer.
    I edited this to a question and now you can select the answer.
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