Big problem with XFX 8800gt apha dog

I bought a card two months ago , xfx 8800gt alpha dog PV-T88P-YDD4

My system works fine all the time.
But When i start any latest games after 20-30 mins i will get a blank screen and system hangs up

when i playing games like gears of war or left of dead 2 the system crash and down and my pc restart automatically i try change my psu and upgrade it but same broblem , in games like cod 6 or hawx i playing normaly but after 1 hour maybe less or more the graphics of the games be terrible and damage the system crash again , where is the broblem i don't now , please help me

average graphice temp :55-65°
fan speed:60

dell power supply

input 100 120V/6A 50--60HZ
200 240V/3A 50--60GZ
OUTPUT +5V---/28A MAX +12V-----/16A MAX
-5V---/0.5A MAX -12V-----/1A MAX
+5Vsb---/4A MAX +3.3V-----/18A MAX

max continious load on +5vdc and 3,3 output shall exceed 250w total continuos output shall exceed 450w


my pc :
windows 7 and windows xp sp3
motherboard gygabyte P31-ds3l
dual core e5300
ram 2gb
wd 160gb sata

tiberium wars
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  1. Your Dell PSU, is it the new or the old psu? what is your current PSU?
  2. Was it a new card or an ebay jobbie?
  3. wa1 said:
    Your Dell PSU, is it the new or the old psu? what is your current PSU?

    DELL it is the current power supply
  4. Quote:
    Need a bigger power supply

    how about cooler master 350W
  5. 350W is not enough to powering 8800GT, get a minimum 500W...
  6. but many people have nvidia 250gtx with cooler master 350w
    and my freind have same graphic card with PSU cooler master 350

    i think the source of the problem is graphic card 8800

    and this card id not so strong to need that volume of power

    i will be crazy
  7. in this moment i playing modern warfare 2 without any crash with hight setting and same talk withe hawx

    but when i playing resident evill 5 after 10 minute or more the game close directly

    if the power is not enough the cod 6 should be not run
  8. i think found the source of trouble

    i plug my card into my second pc acer desktop and work fine
    all games work perfect

    i plug the memory of my first pc to second pc and every thing okey
    same action with hardisk

    i think gygabyte motherboard is th problem

    i find in bios two option

    PCIE frequence
    PCIE GRAPHIC ACEELERATE ther are 3 choise normal fast and turbo

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