OCZ SSD - 2xAgility 64Gb or 1xVertex 4 128Gb?

Hello there, everyone!

I want to move on to the SSD world, I'm looking for a 128Gb configuration.
I mainly play World of Warcraft and some other games, so it'll be enough for Windows and some games.

OCZ Vertex 4 R$350,00 (around U$170,00)
2xOCZ Agility 3 R$420,00 (around U$205,00) [Raid 0]

Is it worth getting the OCZ Agility? Is it any good?
Do you think I should wait a bit more and get 2x Vertex 4 128Gb?

I could also use some more SSDs recommendations.

My PC current spec:
Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
Intel Core i7 2600k
8Gb Vengeance DDR3
XFX HD6870
500Gb Samsung 7200RPM Drive (Not working properly anymore...)
1Tb Seagate 7200RPM Drive
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  1. RAID 0 is great for fast boots and loading software fast.
    But drawback is it doesn't support TRIM. Today's SSDs are so fast you may not need RAID 0.
    Get 120 gb Vertex4, Intel 520 Series or Sandisk Extreme.
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    you'll be stunned enough with the increase of performance of a single disk.

    you can always add another one later for a raid set up . . but why?

    edit: i am throwing in a vote for a samsung 830 if they are economical enough in your country.

    editII: Best SSDs For The Money: October 2012
  3. hmm, I think I'll go with a single one, then (:

    Intel one is more than R$600,00 for the 128Gb, couldn't find any 120~128Gb for the Sandisk Extreme.

    Samsung 830 is at the same price of the Vertex 4, which one is the best choice? I'm thinking the Vertex 4

    Thank you a lot for you answers
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  5. 1) A larger SSD is faster than it's smaller Brother. ie a 128 gig BrandX is faster than the same make/model 64 gig.

    2) Raid 0 does not really improve much on Boot time or program load. What raid 0 does do is Increase performance when large data structures are written/read as these rely on Sequencial performance which raid0 does Improve. raid0 does little to none for small file random read/writes which are important for Boot and program load times.

    3) On Agility III (I have two 120 gig Agility IIIs), This SSD performs NO better on SATA III as it does on SATA II (identified in a review, and I verified on My system). My take - Agility III is a SATA II SSD in a SATA III dress.

    BOTTOM line - The vertex 4 is by FAR a better choice as opposed to the Agility III. However I would select the Samsung 830 as it seems to be less progmatic, and I personnaly DO NOT buy OCZ

    PS my normal recomendation is for: Curcial M4, Plextor M3/ M4, Samsung 830 - The New Samsung 840 - WHEN it comes down in price.
    Also have 3 M4s and three Samsung 830s.
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