Trying to make decent gaming build with $1000 budget

I'm fairly new at building computers, so I am unsure if I am doing this right. I am attempting to make a fairly decent gaming computer using a $1000 budget, and I'm wondering if my build will do it.

Currently, this is what I have:

I am also considering some of the parts in the following (I used a different store for this one):

So, I was wondering if these parts will be good enough for my build. I am quite certain I'll need to purchase a fan or cooler, though I'm not sure. I am also unsure if my power supply will be sufficient (I've used a PSU calculator somewhere that calculated that I needed 600W, so I got 650 W), so I was wondering if I should probably change that.

Another question I had was if I should go for a motherboard that supports DDR3 memory, as I opted for DDR2 for the motherboards in the parts above. I do not know if sticking with DDR2 will greatly limit me in the near future, so I was wondering if that would be the case.
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  1. Oh yeah, sorry about the small pictures.
  2. no offence, but your build is kind of behind on the times.

    look around for otehr 1000 builds. i will come around and post something here in a bit.

    but otherwise, i need some information.

    what monitor resolution. what are your uses, and their priorities.

    please fill out the sticky so i have more to work with.
  3. Monitor resolution is 1024 x 768. My uses are, in order, gaming, internet, school work, and some 3D modelling (the last, I haven't done in about a year, but was a major hobby of mine before university came around...).
  4. wow at the resolution you dont need a very expensive gaming build to play any games... you might want to consider upgrading your monitor first.

    at that resolution even a 700 build might cut it. but of course if you want to do creative production you could get a very decent build at 1000
  5. Okay, I've changed a few things after looking around, and this is what I've got so far:

    I got rid of the OS from my cart, since I've got someone that will lend me a copy. I've also added a monitor with a 1920X1080 resolution, but now I'm unsure if my graphics card will do okay with that. I am currently at around $950, which sounds good, but I don't know if I am still missing some parts, like a fan or something.
  6. looking much better. before i make any big changes due to price/performance,
    i need to know where you want to buy from. can you link me that site you are using, if you plan to buy from it? or else i will just make all combos from newegg.

    also 5770 will run 1920*1080 quite beautifully

    Best PCIe Card For ~$155:
    Radeon HD 5770 1 GB (Check Prices)

    Great 1920x1200 performance in most games


    once you tell me where i can start configuring, ill update your build. again, depends on price. but so far all the core components looks good
  7. The site I was using for this most recent build was this:

    The other site I used was from Canada Computers, or this:

    I mostly went to them because I can purchase most of the components straight up without having to wait for shipping (though I am okay with that, generally, but if I can get something right away, I would prefer that).
  8. Oh yeah, I kind of chose my hard drive, monitor, and power supply without too much extensive thought compared to the other components, so I guess those can be configured. I mainly chose the hard drive due to the reviews of the brand. I would assume similar ones would be cheaper, but I also kind of sought some reliability in the hard drive.
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    nice i love those sites too. usually cheaper than online retailers (after shipping that is).
    but if you prefer walkin buy over shipping, i can do make a configuration for you based on those.

    CPU: - $210
    great cpu, all you need for gaming is an i5 750

    MOBO: - $150 AR
    Asus gaming motherboards are of excellent excellent quality. this is the top of line of the midrange motherboards at competitve pricetag. good buy right here.

    RAM: - $160
    fast and reliable ram. gskill is the best :D

    PSU: -$90
    normally i would have suggested 550w corsair be enough, but seeing as how infonec and canadacomputers are both selling it for 100+, and ncix is having a great deal + rebate, i am suggesting the 750. useful for future upgrades i suppose. corsair is a great quality company for psu's. very effecient and cool AND very quiet.

    HDD: - $65+shipping = $72.25
    im only suggesting this because it is the best harddrive out there (excluding ssd) and newegg seems to be the only one selling it at a reasonable price. if you want, you can try ncix pricematch.

    GRAPHICS: - $160

    total AFTER REBATES: 842.25

    cpu cooler: -$33
    EXCELLENT performance for its price. read some reviews, clsoe to top end air coolers, for maybe half the price. this is enough for a pretty good overclock. if you want more, you should consider the megahalems.

    at this point you have a lot of wiggle room.

    oh i forgot about thee monitor...

    well add another 150 for the monitor and you're just on budget. 1000. if you want to shave some money off, go for your original ram kit. save around 30 40 bucks for lower frequency ram. for gaming you wont notice much of a difference anyways. other than that, dont change much of the other core components except maybe psu, 550 should be sufficient unless you plan on crossfiring. <- this is very important planning. if you want to crossfire, 650 or 750 watts. corsair though =p

    NCIX now has a local pickup at warden and denison (just a tiny bit north of infonec) so if you can price match everything on NCIX, do it, shave some bucks off, but it'll take time. just waiting for shipping times (no shipping costs though!). however, if you want to spend the time deal hunting and saving money, you can have this rig for probably under 950, which is a great steal for its performance.
  10. All right, sounds good. Thanks for your help.
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