Does Using HDMI Slow Graphic Card Performance?

Hello, I am planning to stop using a DVI connection from my monitor to graphics card. I want to use a HDMI connection.

I heard that the quality of the display would "magically" become better. However, would doing this slow down the overall performance of the graphics card?
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  1. They are basicly the same apart from HDMI can take the sound. There will be no slow down if you change to HDMI and if you do change to HDMI then there will no quality change from DVI they will both look exactly the same.
  2. Really? Why is it that PS3 graphics change drastically when plugged onto a TV screen though?
  3. ?? what elso would you plug your PS3 into, if you mean HDMI vs Scart then that is completly different.

    There will be absolutly no difference between HDMI and DVI in terms of image quality
  4. DVI and HDMI play very similar roles in that they are both HDCP compatable. HDMI is just a more modern and protected signal, also as klsdivan said, HDMI is also able to carry HD audio signal too. DVI and HDMI will both give you HD and Super HD resolutions, image quality is reliant on the graphics card and what settings you have your games at.
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