Average HDD/SSD space consumed?

Questions says it all. I will have my iTunes library (only a few GB worth), and a few games (BF3, Crysis, Civilization, Skyrim) downloaded. How much space will I need? Any more than 250 GB?
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  1. I'd buy a 120Gb SSD for the OS and and a 500GB/1000GB HDD for the rest but to be honest you could install all the above games/itunes including the OS on the 120GB SSD.
  2. 250GB should be plenty. Usual OS and apps shouldn't take more than 50GB. And each game takes about 7GB a piece. I just upgraded from a 128 to 256GB; 128 is just large enough, but I wanted room to grow.

    You could always put in a large HDD as a secondary drive for your iTunes library, photos, and videos that don't require SSD speeds.
  3. Concur - One SSD and One HDD.

    SSD = OS + programs + most used games.
    ... Typical OS + programs take around 30-> 35 gigs, Using most common tweaks. Add to that most often used games. For SSDs Must leave a MIN of 15% free so that Trim, CG, and wear leveling can work their magic to keep SSD performing optimumly.
    .. HDD. Place itune's here (for My wifes system I placed a small partition just for itunes). Place your BACKup System image here - Done from control panel, backup as this comes in VERY handy if you ever need to re-install OS. Also for all downloads, and files you generate.

    For calculation: ie for 128 gig SSD. Formated size is 119 Gigs, then subtract 18 gigs, so usable space for a 128 gig SSD is approx 101 gigs. For a 256 gig that works out to about 204 Gigs usable.
  4. I agree with the Chief but would add that I made my storage drive an external while I was experimenting with various schemes and wound up liking it because I can turn it off when not in use.
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