Artifacts when playing games

Hey everybody,
So I have a problem with artifacts when playing games. It is fairly random, sometimes they never show up, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after more than an hour. I had GeForcce 9800 GTX+, I thought that it was dying, so I replaced it with EAH4850 ATI today, but the artifacts still occur, so obviously, the VGA is not the problem...

My PC specs are:
Forton Blue Storm II 500
ATI Radeon EAH4850
Intel Core 2 DUO E8400 3GHz
MSI P7N SLI platinum motherboard
and 2 A-DATA 2GB DDR2 800 MHz memory units

Any ideas? I am really lost... Thanks
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    Is that your PSU?

    It should handle your card just fine...

    What about the card temps?
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  3. ^wtf dont the moderators have the power to remove these people.

    I would try the cards in maybe some of your friends computers. Both of those cards are pretty darn old. Make sure that they both work by testing them in other's computers.
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