Range extender setup

ok, so ive gotten a wireless range extender (hawking, n generation net possible)

My question is whether i need to plug it into the wireless router to set it up properly??

It seems like I can set it up without and it will find my network when scanning for it, but seems to work really slow when connecting via the range extender. Was wondering if that might be bc i didnt connect it to the router when setting up.
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  1. I read some of the info online and it mentions a setup wizard. Try running that if you haven't already.

    Also it is called a RANGE EXTENDER not a speed increaser. I'm just using logic and welcome correction, but I think that the farther the wireless signal has to travel the slower the connection even with the range extender inbetween. I'm also guessing that you are extending the range within a building which means you are going through walls and other obstacles which will weaken the signal.

    Hope these thoughts help you find your answer.
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