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Hey Guys.

So I'm having some issues with my computer where when I'm playing a game (Half Life 2) my computer crashes. I haven't played this game in awhile until last night, where I could play for about 30 minutes before it would crash. I thought my GPU was overheating (ran at about 110 degrees [bit of an estimate] until I tried again today. Today it only last about 10 minutes before it would crash and the temp was about 75 degrees. If I'm not mistaken, those temps are acceptable for video cards? So now I'm led to believe that my probably is either my power supply, or motherboard, and after reading a few threads here I've become damn near positive that is the issue.

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4850
PSU: Antec TPQ 850W
CPU: AMD Phenom 9850
RAM: 2X2 Corsair Dominator

I have NO CLUE on how to read the voltages and if it's good or bad, etc. But while idle my voltages show:

Vcore1: 1.28V
Vcore2: 2.11V
+3.3V: 3.26V
+5V: 5.00V
+12V: 12.16V

-12V: -0.84V
-5V 4.05V
+5V 0.00V
Vbat: 3.17V

Under load (running half life in windowed mode [this also crashed my computer once while I was looking up these numbers.. ug. lol]

Vcore1: 1.28V
Vcore2: 2.11V
+3.3V: 3.26V
+5V: 5.00V - 4.97V
+12V: 12.16V - 12.02V

-12V: -0.84V - -1.01V
-5V 4.05V
+5V 0.00V - 0.97V
Vbat: 3.17V

None of these numbers really spiked at all or anything while underload. Based on what I heard from this thread ( I would think for sure that it's the power supply, also based on some reviews I've been reading. (My PSU Fans bearing are shot and causes the fan to be very noisy at times, but other times, including right now it's quite and spins like new)

However, the reason I'm asking is because I've been having another issue since I built this system in feb. 2009. When I built this system and went to turn it on, it didn't post or anything. Nothing, nadda. (I don't have a speaker so I don't know what code it gives, my best guess is it would be a constant beep though, based on other troubleshooting) All it does is sit there and provide power to everything, but does not allow data to be transferred. The dvd drive sounded like it was stuck in a loop (clicked every second), a little LED on the GPU would stay on, fans and activity lights would turn on but no flickering, disk drive would spin but then stop after a few seconds. Just constant power to everything. This problem STILL occurs to this day, the fix is to just turn the power off and on until it finally comes to life. I can restart the computer whenever I want and it will boot, if I turn the computer off for a few minutes it will usually boot, but if I turn it off for more then 10 minutes or so I have to keep cutting power to it and turning it back on several times before it boots. (sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes a good 20 or so) This leads me to beleive that the problem COULD be with the motherboard, but thinking about it again, could that be the PSU as well? This was my first build so I didn't really know what the problem could have been and since I had it running I just said Screw it and didn't RMA anything, kinda wish I did. But oh well, you live you learn.

I did purchase the motherboard at an Open Box discounted rate.. so yea.. i dunno. :(

Any insight would be great! Thanks

If I've missed any information just let me know and I'll get it for you.

I'm not much of a gamer which is why I've never really cared enough to get this fixed until now, the only games I've really played are Half Life series and Portal. And with Valve released HL EP3 and Portal 2 really soon I want to be able to play them! lol... yea.. priorities are important.

EDIT: I don't know if it's worth mentioning but I will, older games like Half Life 1 and the first Counter Strike work just fine. But then, they don't use many resources, so I would barely even say that anything is under any more load then running a video on youtube. (the guy that posted that post I linked mentioned 1080P videos on youtube, I can say that I am able to do that, and run dual screen monitor to a 50" TV and play Bluray movies off of that while using the computer for other things.. multitasking, etc. Just happens when playing newish graphic games.)

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  1. If you are talking °C then 110 is hot but 75 fine. Most likely PSU then mobo any chance you can borrow a different PSU to try with your setu?.
  2. Yea I don't know for sure if it actualy 110.. I know it got up around that high when I was running the Auto-Tune function in ATI Overdrive, then it crashed. But that's like running max everything for it to figure out whats best for my system. The heatsink on it is clean and runs good. Plus it's the Antec Skeleton open-style case with a massive fan ontop, LOTS of air flow so I can't see why it would overheat unless it was clogged up with dust. I think 110 was def. an overestimate.

    Sadly I don't have another PSU that'll support my system, but with the fan starting to fail on it I kinda want a new one anyway, so I might just go pick that up when I can afford it. Do you think the PSU has been the problem all along? Including the issue with it just not posting at all? That would actually be kinda cool, as I've pretty much been assume mobo since I built it until now. lol.
  3. It is either or, PSU is just as likely for the boot issue.
  4. Crazy cool! Thanks for the help. I'll pick up a NON-Antec PSU. lol.

    Thanks again
  5. clean the dust out of your psu and any other areas of your computer while your at it, then give it another shot. Also, when you say your computer "Crashes" does it just freeze, bluescreen, reboot, shut off?? Dont swap out the PSU until you have tested your RAM and checked the hard drive for bad sectors. You have a good quality psu that shouldnt have problems running your rig. My money would be on other components. Look for bulging/leaky caps in the PSU when you open it up to clean the dust out with compressed air (dont touch anything in there though - PSU's can hold voltage even when off).
  6. coryh said:
    Crazy cool! Thanks for the help. I'll pick up a NON-Antec PSU. lol.

    Thanks again

    Isn't the PSU still under warranty from Antec?
  7. Sorry, yea by crashing I mean it just turns off. Nothing more. No bluescreen, just straight up off. Haven't tested the RAM yet, I'll do that now, and the harddrive is relatively new. I had a seagate barracuda 7200.11 in there but it failed, now it's just a WD 500g, not even sure about the model, but it's a bit of a cheaper one. I'll test it to be sure but I think it's fine, it's less then a year old.

    The PSU may still be under warranty, but I don't know where to start as far as actually getting it covered under warrenty, plus this is the only computer I have and I don't really want to be without a computer while waiting for stuff in the mail. And I don't have the receipts or anything anymore, they went missing when I moved out of my old place.
  8. ok, if it turns off, then yes, the psu is the most likely suspect, although it could be another component pulling it down or overheating. Get compressed air and clean it out, dont take it apart if under warranty, just blow it through the ventilation holes, then give it another shot. If your not fussed about warranty, take the psu cover off (unplug it from ac first and dont physically touch the internal components) and clean the dust out properly, then try it again. Check for bulging/leaky capacitors while the cover is off (google it if not sure what to look for). If you see any bulging/leaking caps, replace the PSU straight away.
  9. After PC build you should run stability test

    - Prime95 - CPU/ Motherboard Stress Test
    - Furmark- GPU Stress Tes
    - Memtest - Memory Stress Test

    Antec 850 is more than enough to your load. I doubt that the CPU has something to do with your problem.

    Run the test and publish the results so appropriate steps can be recommended.
  10. Hey

    So both prime95 and furmark stress tests crashed my computer in the same way before they could finish and make a log.

    Memtest showed 0 errors

    Prime95 crashed the computer after about 5 minutes

    furmark crashed the computer after about 7 minutes.
    The GPU did get really hot though, it hit 120 degrees when it shut down. Average FPS was 27, high 44, min 32

    Now I'm back to wondering if my card is just over heating? But at the same time, the card doesn't get that hot when playing games. It did that once but I think that was just a very overestimation. Just tried the game again and yea, it just sticks at about 75 degrees.

    I dunno, I'm at a loss, I think I may just end up building or buying a new computer... this is just a pain. lol
  11. What does the video card do when you install it in another computer?
  12. not sure.. I don't have access to any computer that will support this card so I wouldn't be able to find out. :(
  13. Could your CPU be overheating? Are you overclocking at all?
  14. CPU sticks around 40 degrees during the test, it's not over clocked at all.
  15. Try to use one memory stick. Move it to different slot see if it improves.

    You can purhase hardware to computer store such as best buy, frys use it to debug your PC then return it afterwards.

    In most cases you should have 14 to 30 days to return it.

    You need a spare video card and memory to swap around on your PC.

    You should try to relax your bios settings. Make sure that the DRAM speeds match your memory. Or you can relax it.
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