5770, 5830, or wait for GTX 460 ?

Hey everyone

Which of these graphics cards do you think represent the best value for perfomance ?
(they are both listed on the toms price/perfomance guide for july)

ive read various benchmarks and cant decide on whether the extra £38 or so pounds is worth it between
the 5770

or the 5830

or do you think its worth waiting a while to see how the GTX 460 turns out ?

I was originaly planning on spending around £120 but im wondering if the extra £40 or so would give me significantly more for my money ?


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  1. For value/performance ratio, 5770. For just performance both the HD 5830 and GTX460 (i suppose it'll be a tie, according to unofficial GTX460 specs), so HD5830=GTX460>HD5770
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