Will I have Problems with this voltage configuration?

I need to ask you if I will have some problems with my actual ram voltage configuration.

This is the situation: I bought a Gibabyte X58A-UD3R v2.0 motherboard a year ago. Since the beginning, I had problems: random reboots. I tried everything: bios update, videocard update, drivers update, I checked t¿he ram, the hard drives, all the components. Finally, like nine months after the purchase I discovered that the problem was triggered because a ram voltage issue. I have 6 gb (2x3) of Corsair 1.5v memory 9-9-9-24. I discovered that if I configure the ram with the standard voltage (1.5v) the pc will reboot randomly. So, I increased the voltage and I had the pc stable for very first time. I selected 1.6v for the 1.5v rams and my pc was doing fine for a couple of months. But then later I had random reboots again. With speedfan I discovered that the ram was eating only 1.58v and not 1.6v but I had configured 1.6v in bios. Finally, I had the pc stable again with a voltage of 1.62v for the 1.5v rams. If I put a lower voltage the pc will reboot. But with this voltage all is running stable.

Here is my question: what will happen if I mantain the 1.62v for the 1.5v rams (Im not overcloking)? I will kill the ram prematurely? the ram voltage configuration will damage any component? is something bad?

That 1.62v voltage setting is the only way to get my pc stable.

Thank you for the information.

Best regards,

Juan Pablo.
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  1. 1) are you sure that is the standard voltage?most ddr3 triple kits by corsair are 1.65v if im not mistaken?
    2)Raising the voltage above the manufacturers standard voltage will shorten the life if you go to high
    3)Raising it too high will fry the ram, that being said i think your fine with 1.62v it wont make that much of a difference
    4)i have corsair 3x2gb dominator triple kit 8-8-8-24. for an evga ftw3x58 board and my standard voltage is 1.65v but for some reason the bios set it to 1.5v and i had to manually raise it.
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