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Building my new system from the parts this community helped me pick out. I am running into a few minor issues, but nothing horrible. I am currently using 3 hard drives, 1 ssd and 2 1tb spinpoints. I am going to use ssd for OS and the spinpoints in raid, do the sata cables need to be plugged in any certain way?....Also, i am using ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 and i have a coolermaster 1200w silent pro. I notice that the mobo has a 4 prong eatx12v with another 4 right next to it but it was covered. Should i remove the cover and use the 4+4 prong power to it? or use the initial 4? That is pretty much all I have left to do besides mount heatsink and insert vid card.
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  1. anyone?
  2. no they don't need to be pluged in any way.. plug them in anywhere, for easy install
    ONLY PLUG IN THE SSD, install windows then, turn it off AFTER widnows is installed and plug in the other drives (to make it easy)
  3. use all 8pins of the motherboard
  4. Thanks Alot man, ill let u know how she fires up tonite)
  5. ok sure ;) if you want to talk to me on steam, I PM'd you my steam name. Just for help if you need it ;)
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