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I have a computer thats starting to slow down with new titles being run on max setting. Such as bfbc2/medal of honor beta.

Im currently running a phenom 925 x4 with a xfx4850 gpu. My mobo is

^^^^ i want to say i have last years model and its USB 2.0 but i couldnt find it on newegg.

Anyways now to my question,

Should i get a 2nd hd4850 or just say screw it and get a complete new build? Mind you the new build budget would be 700-900.
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  1. Get new parts, you have a good build already, get a new GPU like.. a 5870 or 5850 and a new mobo (because you said you had the last years model) what chipset do you have on your mobo?
  2. you don't think the cpu would bottleneck a 5870? Would it be required to overclock?
  3. Your CPU is a phenom II x4.. no it wont bottleneck
  4. thats a good rig.. if you can support 2 video cards just get another 4850.. or a new video card if you want.. but ya.. bfbc2 isnt the easiest game to push.. plus battlefield can be a little buggy at times too.. but na.. id say your computers gotta couple more years left in it and then some..
  5. Agreed ^ But I would get a new CPU for BFBC2 (if your die hard) a 6 core because BFBC2 uses 4+ cores but again, thats only if you are a DIE HARD BFBC2 player and/or GTA4 player (it would be future proof too :P)
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