Hard drive light always on

I have been plagued by a strange thing for the last few days. my hard drive light stays on for most of the time except when i open the case and move the wires here and there and restart again. then voila the problem resolves.but after 1 day when i start again the problem recurs. i am terribly frustrated by this problem. and oops i forgot to say that this problem usually occurs after playin the games which are on my D drive. again i cannot compress my files which are on D drive winrrar strucks at 0% and doesn't progress further .plzzz help.

My system
hitachi 250 gb hard drive
intel C2D e7200
gigabyte G41MT-S2
corsair 2*2 GB ram
ati 5670
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  1. Bump. someone plzz help me to point out the problem.
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