ATI Hybrid Crossfire 3470

Hi guys I'm testing a A780GM-A ECS mobo. I found out that the on board 3200 GPU had an impressive Vista score of 4.0, after I installed the 3470 i enabled the crossfire and the index rating is the same...-.- any help?
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  1. don't see the rating my friend just see the performance increment in your games and movies this type of problem usually happens .... i remember one of my friend having 6.2 rating on win7 with an nvidia 9300 igp and another friend having 6.3 rating with a 10 time faster hd 4650 card...don't worry...
  2. So what benchmarks should i run to insure that i have increased performance?
  3. the previous games that you have played on your hd 3200 with what ever resolution you have used try to increase the setting and resolution have already played that game so you will be able to notice the performance increment in those games...
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