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I am playing on a 37' display at 1900x1200 res and i have a geforce gtx 260. would it make more sense to get another 260 and SLI or should i just get a whole new card all together? (not that its a bad card just looking for future upgrade notes) i have read about how SLI really shines on larger display's and with higher resolutions but i am still unsure as to the depth of this in comparison to just getting a more powerful card. granted there are a few variables here that i may not be taking into account, any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. I just sold a GTX 260 last week. :( LOL

    Have a spare GTX 260 Core 216 that I'm currently using for PhysX ability, that I'm hoping to put in my wife's PC (she needs a new PSU first tho).

    If you can get an inexpensive GTX260, an SLI setup with that card can perform up to (or better) than my GTX 470. It does seem to scale pretty well with the latest drivers. :) Does well @ 1920x1080 anyhow.

    I just did a comparison Benchmark thread on my old GTX 260 SLI setup compared to my new GTX 470 here:
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