Dell Studio XPS 435MT PSU Replacement

My PSU crashed in my Studio XPS 435MT. I purchased a replacement OCZ ModXstream-pro 600w. My old PSU does not have pin #14 (blue -12VDC) wire in the 24 pin connector but the new PSU does. What does this wire do and do I need to remove it from the new PSU?
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  1. You mean the 4 on the 20+4 pin connector? if so you do not need to use/remove it if your mother board is only 20 pin
  2. That wire appears to be -12V:

    If the Dell 24-pin connector does not have that pin in it, the best you can do is cut and tape off that wire on the new psu's connector.

    Can't tell what other aspects of the wiring are different though.

    Edit: You might try places like this that make compatible psus, and adapter cables for standard-to-Dell:
  3. It's nothing to worry about, don't need to remove it.
    Don't need an adapter or Dell compatible psu either.
    The -12v rail on the psu isn't going to force power to go where it's not called for.
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