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So my current internal 500 gig HD is almost full and I want to buy some more space. Seeing as how my main goal is for straight volume, would it be better if I just buy another TB or 2 internal HD rather than buy a smaller SSD, and then stick that internal in my tower?

That brings up another question: installing or using this new internal in conjunction with my old. What's the process for installing it? Can I keep running windows from my old and have the computer start using the new one? Can it see both at the same time? Also what kind of PSU should I have for this setup? Currently I have an AMD 1100 BT 6-core, 500 gig internal HD, GTS 450 gpu, and 8 gigs of ram. I'm running all of this on a 550W psu (I think it's 550, might be 450). Should I just upgrade to a 750 or 1000W PSU? Thanks!
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  1. You don't need a new PSU. Just slap the new drive in, assign it a drive letter and that space is available. Easy peasy
  2. +1 Look at your motherboard to make sure you have an open sata plug. Assuming you do, all you need to do is plug in the hard drive.

    Average users shouldn't bother with SSD's and moving your system files around. Just plug in another hard drive.

    I would suggest Western Digital Blue or Green. Once you get it installed and formatted, have windows move your documents folder (includes all the music and etc) over to the new drive.
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