Do I need to reformat my pc if I'll upgrade the processor?

Hi! Just want to clarify.
Do I need to reformat my pc if I'll upgrade the processor?
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  1. nope. windows should just detect the new hardware.
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    ^^^^ That's not entirely correct....

    before removing your current CPU, you'll want to make sure that:

    #1. Your motherboard is capable of accepting the new processor...physically (will it fit? Pretty obvious, I know, but always best to make sure.)

    #2. Your motherboard BIOS has the capability of recognizing the newer CPU

    just because a newer processor will 'fit' in the motherboard doesn't mean that it will properly function...that's where the BIOS update comes into play.

    Best bet is to post what MOBO you have and what processor you want to drop in...then some of the experts on this site will be able to give you a 99.9% for sure answer...
  3. while it's true that you won't need to reformat, snowgoer is right. i have an asus board that supports am3 processors, but needed a bios update to be able to use the 6 core am3.
  4. Yup. Thanks! Sorry. I forgot to post my mobo and the processor. :) It's Gigabyte's Ga-790fxta-ud5 and phenom II X2 550 3.7ghz. I'm planning to upgrade it to an x4, x6 or wait for the bulldozer. Guess I need to update my bios if I'll go for an x6..
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