How do I connect this IDE to SATA converter?

Hi everyone. Im new as a poster but I come to TH all the time for info.

Anyway, my computer went boom some weeks ago and I have been building a new rig. Got a Gigabyte motherboard but as it turns out, theres no IDE ports.
So I've purchased 2 of these: converter so I can use my old IDE hard drive and DVDRW drive until I can upgrade them.

Now I've noticed that the converter has a small 4 pin white power socket and a 4 pin molex cable to connect to this socket.If you look at the link above you'll see what I mean.

My question is: do I HAVE to plug this cable in as well as the 4pin power cable straight to the drive itself. Not sure if it's an "either/or" case or both cables are needed to fully power the drive(s).

Any advice from someone who has used these before would be most appreciated.
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  1. This looks like a device to connect a sata drive on an ide port, not an ide drive to a sata port.

    You basically want the opposite of this to do what you are trying to do. I would suggest getting a small sata drive, and not bothering with the ide drives other the getting any data off if you needed it. Those types of connectors are really not good to have in a system long term, they are better suited to temporarily connecting devices to pull data off then removing them.
  2. Hi Tomatthe. I agree with you. This connector is messy and I don't like it at all. I'm only using it while I wait to get a SATA DVDRW drive and 1tb SATA HD( hopefully 2tb ).

    I actually bought one converter off eBay and the other from my local store as I had forgotten about my DVD drive when ordering. I've just noticed that the one from ebay seems to be a 1-way converter but the one I got from my local shop is almost definitely bi-directional. It has 2 SATA ports, one says SATA to IDE and the other says IDE to SATA and it also has the white little power socket exactly the same as the eBay one.

    Do you think I need to plug both this small 4pin socket in as well as the regular 4pin molex to the drive?

  3. it looks like that device slides over the pins on the hard drive you connect the data sata calbe to the sata port and you power it with a 4 pin connector from your power supply. i am pretty sure you will still need to connect a molex connector to the hdd too.
  4. Hi Randini. I suspected as much but I am worried that maybe I might "overpower" my drive and fry it (bye bye photos and such...).
  5. The small 4 pin white power socket is for the FDD (floppy disk driver) only.
  6. i would give it a shot without it, i have an external version of that and it has a spot for a four pin connector but it does not require it if you use the molex
  7. I thought it looked like the old floppy power connector. I'll be trying it without that little plug first then.

    Just remembered I have 2 old 2.5" SATA drives that I wasn't using on my old rig because I ran out of SATA ports. Think I'll buy a couple of brackets and move my stuff over to the SATA's until I get the 1tb/2tb then use the converter just for my DVD drive.

    I'm getting my RAM early next week so my rig will complete. I'll give it a whirl without the "floppy" plug inserted and update y'all on how it goes.

    Thanks all for the advice.
  8. Finally received my RAM today and lo and behold... it was laptop ram........ aaaaaaargh!!

    So I went into town and got a cheap 2nd hand 4gb stick for now and managed to get my rig working for now.

    So.... you DO need to connect the "floppy" white connector to get your IDE hard drive working in a SATA only system. I read somewhere that you had to set the jumpers to "Cable Select" but this was not the case for me. I had to set it to "Master" to get it working so if anyone else ever reads this, try both and see what works for you.

    Just a quick question if I can ask in this thread:

    My rig is as follows: Gigabyte GA-z77-ds3h, Pentium G860, 4GB DDR3 133Mhz, Sapphire HD4850, 2x250gb SATA, 2x150gb SATA and IDE DVDRW drive.

    Im using an XFX Pro 650W PSU. Do you think it will power all that safely?

    Thanks again.
  9. Oh, if I need to make a seperate thread for this question then just say the word. Ta
  10. I did have enough power in the end. Thanks Randini. Your original answer was correct. How do I mark your answer as best answer and how do I mark the thread as resolved/solved?
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