I bought an IDE-SATA adapter cos my server board although unused had no sata connectors. The bios was upgraded for sata [board was a reduced spec. option).
There is a sata cdrom and sata maxtor 350Mb both sata connected onto the board. A third HD has been connected to this new adapter placed in an ide board socket. In Vista the Computer folder in Win explorer show the other 2 drives and now a floppy drive is shown when none exists, only this adapter with its 2nd maxtor HD. On clicking this floppy drive icon nothing happens except "please insert FD into drive"

Any brilliant mind explain this and possibly suggest a fix?

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  1. Go into the BIOS Setup and select "None" for floppy disk drive on the page where drives are listed. Then save and exit (F10).
  2. Thanks but now there is no sign of any third drive at all. The adapter has a little LED light showing so it is powered up OK. I just wonder if the whole idea is a scam or something. Whats next I don't know for a trial.
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