I want to build my P.C from the ground up and need your help.Thanks.

I need help because i want to build my p.c from scratch. i want something that's going to last a while so i was thinking 8GB RAM at least and i want the i7 processor. I'm not an expert but i do know a lot compared to anyone i know, but i need help from you the experts. I tend to just think get the biggest, baddest and most powerful and i would need to whats the best products and whats the best components to link up together to make a great powerful p.c, so any help from all of you would be grately appreciated thanks.
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  1. Delete the annoying white space and I'll help you.
  2. Proximon, I thought my computer was going haywire for a moment. But if you are seeing this, I guess not.

    I also see no need to reward bad behavior.
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