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Hello,can anyone give me the link to download the latets version of the driver of ati msi r4350 1GO....please i need help :)
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  1. If this is a desktop system, go to

    In the Download Drivers section, top right, enter the following:

    Component Category: Desktop Graphics
    Product Line: HD Radeon Series
    Product Model: Radeon HD 4xxx Series PCI-E*
    Operating System: {select your OS}

    *Note: If your desktop has an AGP graphics slot instead of a PCI-E slot, select:

    Product Model: All Radeon HD Series AGP

    If this system is a laptop, you need to check MSI's web site for updated drivers for your model laptop. ATI recommends using this first before trying base line ATI drivers. If that doesn't work for you, from the link above, select the following instead:

    Component Category: Notebook Graphics
    Product Line: Mobility Radeon Series
    Product Model: Mobility Radeon HD 4xxx Series
    Operating System: {select your OS}

    -Wolf sends
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