Can logon to wireless at home - but not away from home, why?

My aunt has an unsecured network. She had a guest come over and logon to her wireless using the router password. He somehow (unknowingly) changed her network name to his computer and the router password. This locked everyone else out. I then came over with my laptop working perfectly. After logging on to My Aunt's wireless, my system icon for the network disappeared from the system tray. I turned off computer and back on...then I no longer could logon on to any wireless network "except" my Aunts. Both her and my laptop will now only connect wirelessly at her house and my house. Neither will connect ANYWHERE else.

Any ideas how to fix this?
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  1. First check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.

    Are you sure you have fully grasped how to scan for networks and apply password to the wireless adapter's utilties (or Windows Wireless Connection) ?

    You cannot "unknowingly change the router's password".

    I suggest you connect to the router using an ethernet cord and read the relevant literature on how to set up the router.

    Then check that the settings are as before (or change them so that they work). My first step would be make sure wireless is enabled, disable wireless security temporarily and make sure that Access List is disabled and Broadcast SSID is enabled.
  2. I can connect anywhere by ethernet. I can only connect wirelessly to my Aunt's house and mine. This is of last weekend. Prior to this, I had zero problems.

    I checked the DNS and IP and they are correct. This is also not the DNS hijacker Trojan.

    I have a "decent" grasp of networks. I'm not an expert. But I am capable of configuring a home network. I also have figured out all my wireless issues (except this one) for the last 8 years of using wireless technology.

    As far as the unknowingly....the guest doesn't know what he did - therefore I don't know. I've never heard of someone logging on to a wireless network and changing the entire settings over to their computer - unless they are a hacker. Somehow when he logged on he changed the routers settings because the router was unsecured. After I changed the administrator password, back to the original one. I went about setting up a secure network for my Aunt's house. A basic Windows setup - nothing special or elaborate. Once the guest access was set up. We all logged in with no problem. However, the next time I tried to login anywhere but my house or my aunt's wireless. I was unable to connect. Prevented from connecting is more accurate. The same is true for my Aunt's Laptop. Note ** both laptops are 3 months old. Mine a Dell and her's a HP. Up to this point they have had no interaction with each other and have had no problems.

    My Aunt's laptop had NEVER been to my house. Yet when I brought it over it logged on instantly. So we can log on each other's house, but no where else. This allowed me to leap

    I have come to the conclusion having spent DAYS on this....because we can only log on to each others house - but no where else. There is a setting SOMEWHERE that will only acknowledge previously saved settings and is preventing us from creating new connections. BUT I CAN"T find it. Today I'm off to return the router to default settings and wipe out the network I created. I'm hoping that restores everything back it's original settings. I also plan on reviewing our registries to see if the router made any changes One and Zero's that might show me where it's overriding EVERYTHING else....

    other than that...I'm baffled : )
  3. Is the SSID the same at both houses?
  4. All is resolved.

    I backed up computer and re-installed Windows 7 OS. This has resolved all errors associated with wireless NIC /adapter. and yes I had tried reinstalling the driver prior to reinstalling the OS.

    I did the same thing to my aunt's computer (Wnd 7) and it also resolved the problem.

    Some how ...some way I figure the Bios was changed. By restoring original settings are reinstalling drivers - it resolved everything.

    Strangest thing I've ever seen!!!!
  5. The BIOS settings have nothing to do with Windows or Drivers.
  6. I have this same issue ona computer I reloaded for a friend. The wireless works fine at my house and at starbucks, and panera. When we take it to her house the wireless will not give us internet access. It asks for her network password and connects but with no internet access. I can connect my laptop or any cellphone even to her wireless so the wireless works fine.

    I did notice that for some reason the default gateway wash showing AT&T which is what I have for wireless and I reset it as she has comcast and it still didn't fix the problem. For some reason it just does not want to work at her house but it will anywhere else.

    Does anyone have any options aside from re-loading the os again.

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