Auzentech Forte Hum/buzz

Alright, I've been subject to some weirdness.

I am getting some loud hum through my Auzentech Forte. I only noticed now because I switched to a new set of headphones, and I only noticed it on my old headphones when the volume on the headset was set to maximum, and I assumed the headphones were toast. They are now, but that wasn't the reason. My new headset has no volume feature, so the hum is always loud.

The hum is only noticeable on the front panel, and is independent of the computer volume setting. (It is interference after the
DAC and before the headphone preamp?)

Alright, here is the weirdness. It only occurs when there is heavy load on the GPU, (An HD4870) and is directly proportional in frequency to the GPU core clock, and proportional in amplitude to the GPU load. Running GPU2 Folding@home makes an extremely annoying hum, enough to make listening to music frustrating. Any ideas as to what I could try? Scouring Auzentech's forums suggested removing the screws holding the GPU to the case, but this had no effect.
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  1. try swapping the slot the card is in. Its caused by a ground loop likely, read up about how to fix that. like this:
  2. That is not possible; I only have one PCI-E X1 slot.
  3. well, a quick check is to plug all electronic devices in the audio path to the the same outlet. Use a surge suppressor type power switch, and see if the noise goes away.
  4. also, try muting ALL inputs. Sometimes the crosstalk is coming from the inputs, even if the input is not being used. Its circuit can still pickup interference.
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