ASUS ARES 4 GB + crossfire~reviews
A couple of reviews on the 4gb Asus Ares, and then in crossfire. They also test it paired with a 1gb 5870 and a 2gb 5970 in various crossfire combinations. This can answer a lot of potential questions about needing the extra memory. 200fps in Dirt2 any resolution lol.

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  1. WoW a GTX 480 gets 31.3FPS while the dual Ares gets 71.1FPS, that's an extra 2,500$ for double the frames give or take. I say TRI-480's is a MUCH better buy @ 1,560$ as opposed to almost 3k for the dual Ares..

    Horrible CF scaling IMO...

    The GTX 480 gets 31.1 FPS @ 520.00$

    The Ares gets 41.2 FPS @ 1,500$ :pfff:
  2. Got to agree, you may want one Ares, there is NO , not much reason to get two. I also would like to see some different games. Like BFBC2, maybe NFS shift, I'm playing that now :).
  3. Only 8-15% faster "overall" than a standard 5970 @ 800.00$ more.

    I feel bad for whoever is willing to spend that much moolah on a GPU. But then again this might be the same scenario as the Nvidia GTX 285 x2 (MARS) where they were extremely limited..
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