Help Configuring SSD & HD (RAID?)

I’m building a new PC which will have a 250 GB SSD and a 2 TB HD. All my applications and data, except my old videos, will fit on my SSD. Ideally, I would like to configure these drives so a portion of the HD is set up to hold my videos and another portion is set up to back-up (RAID?) everything on my SSD. But, I don’t want to slow down my applications. Is this possible? Can someone explain or point me toward a website that explains what I need to do to configure this?

Also, does anyone have a recommendation on what SSD and HD are good buys right now? I don’t need the cheapest but I’m looking for good value.

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    No. Raid is an all or nothing deal. You can't just raid part of a drive. Also the raid would(basically) work at the slowest drive speed, so you wouldn't want to raid a ssd with a hdd.

    Create 2 partitions on the hard drive, 1 for data, and use the other for actual backups(instead of raid). Raid is not a backup.
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