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Hey, I am planning on acquiring a UPS.
What is the best readily available model regarding a price/performance ratio, reasonably?
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  1. hmm, ok. But how do we know, what va capability. I got a 650 w psu -
  2. What size UPS you get depends on your load and intentions. whether all you need is time to do a clean shutdown or if you had intentions of playing thru say an hour of blackout time. You'll would need to calculate your 'load' by measuring the power of everything you would need 'On'. This includes, the PC, the monitor, the 'modem' (cable, fios,...), any routers, speakers, etc. (printers esp laser are not recommended to be on ups's) Add up all the power while under load in watts and multiply by 0.7 to convert to VA
    A device called the 'kill a watt' can measure in VA directly and you can just add up those.

    Now that the load has been determined you can look up run times, generally (very generally) a 350va UPS with a 350VA load should last about 5 minutes. 10 minutes on a 700va, 20 minutes on a 1500...
  3. Alrite, thxs.
    Well, i can't get a hold of a kill a watt, but i only need a ups to make it through and give me at least 5 mins, to close and shutdown, therefore i plan on a 700 va-
    What do you think >?
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