Starting up a samsung 830 SSD help please!!

ok my new pc arrived today and it came preinstalled with windows 7 (not activated) and i attempted to install my own SSD, i switched the ssd and the HDD around and placed the HDD in the tray slot below (i want to put the OS on the SSD and use the HDD supplied as extra storage) and connected it it up and when i went into the UEFI BRIOS UTILITY it showed SATA mode selection as AHCI, S.M.A.R.T status selection enableed, then below that there are multiple parts for SATA6G_1 (Gray)-SAMSUNG SSD 83 (256.0GB), Obviously the SSD i just installed, then below that the next tray is empty (SATA6G_2) (GRAY) then comes the normal HDD (SATA3G_3) (BLUE) WDC WD1002FAEX (1000.2GB), i think ive installed the windows correctly onto the SSD but im not completely sure if its all correct and i thought the AHCI part was supposed to be preset on IDE for normal hard drives? do i have to install any drivers or anything? so far ive put in the ASUS disk that came provided with the PC and the windows 7 home premium (which looks like basic when i started it up) please help! TIA
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  1. the sata ports that it showed up the SSD and HDD in says Hot plug in white underneath and the option to enable/disable them? :S
  2. ugh sorry for making start of this so long, needed to add some info, when i have the windows 7 install disc in the cd drive i can boot up windows, but when i take it out i get a black screen saying this product is covered by one or more of the following patents, mediia test failure reboot and select proper boot device, or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key
  3. What is the brand and model of your motherboard?
  4. sorry meant to have some one close this thread, i managed to sort it out now..everything seems to be working, starts up in <20secs now, thanks tho
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