Critique my build. i5, SLI, OC'ing planned.


Another i5 build with SLI, how original I know. Anyway here's the components:

Windows 7 64 bit:

x1 Antec 900 midtower
x1 Antec 750 watt power supply

x1 i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8ghz quad

x2 Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb

x1 Asus P7P55D-E Pro

x1 Xigmatech Heatsink

x2 Cooler Master Fans

x1 2x2gb Crucial DDR3 1333 RAM

x1 1TB 32mb Samsung Hard drive

x1 LITE-ON 24x DvD-r tray

x1 ASUS 23.6" 1900x1080 LCD screen

x1 Logiteck 5.1 Speakers

x1 Logitech MX 518 mouse

x1 Logitech G15 Keyboard

Still have no idea about a good headset. Not afraid to pay up to $100 for one. Also, are two fans required with the current heatsink?
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    for RAM go with 4 sticks, cuz the i5 doesn't support triple channel

    try this

    Corsair RAM 8 gigs, DDR3 1333....190
    then OC it to 1600 or higher if you want

    your WD link doesn't work... however the spinpoint F3 is a better choice
    Samsung spinpoint, 7200 RPM 1 tb......60

    Gaming mouse....59

    or normal mouse.....39 or 40 dollars
    Razer gaming keyboard.....45
  2. Planning on gaming, I assume. The memory is triple Channel, and you need dual channel. 4Gb is quite adequate for today's needs. Here is Crucial for $109 or consider this Mushkin for a few $ cheaper.

    Skip the CM heatsink for this Thermaltake Frio for $5 more. It cools a better, and Newegg has not jacked up the price $20 above suggested manufacturer's retail. Have trouble believing they are gouging like that.

    Do you need a power supply? Try this case/Antec EarthWatts 750W power supply combo.

    Edit: changed reference to a compatible heastsink.
  3. Upendra09 is right about the WD Caviar - it is overpriced compared to the SpinPoint F3. I disagree with the extra RAM - It will generate extra heat and draw more power when overclocking. You will get better results with 4GB
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