HDD recognized in BIOS but will not install Win7

:cry: What am I doing wrong? I have a Toshiba Satellite L-505 s5993. Hard drive died. Got a replacement, a WD3200BPVT (Blue). BIOS recognizes the drive. Dos does not recognize it so it will not let me install Windows. Boot disk loads up the system recovery options. I can get to a command prompt. Will not boot from Windows7 install disk. What did I miss? Pulling my hair out over something that should be super simple! Please help! :heink:
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  1. what message appear when reaching partition selection in windows 7
  2. profkefah said:
    what message appear when reaching partition selection in windows 7

    It will not even get that far! I can get to a command prompt, since autorun isn't happening. I can type setup. When I type c:, it says " The system cannot find the drive specified." When I type "setup" it says "The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present."
  3. put win 7 dvd in dvd drive
    boot from it
    then when you reach partition selection what u see there
  4. You're supposed to have burned recovery disks. Are you using those or a windows 7 disk? Either way don't load recovery options, you need to boot from the disk, or follow the Toshiba instructions for their recovery disks
  5. I appreciate these ideas. However, I have already tried this. It will not boot from the win7 dvd. It will only boot from the boot disk or the WD Align disk. If I have the win7 dvd in the drive, it says no bootable disk, please replace and press any key...blah blah. Also, it says media not found when trying to boot from hdd, something about a cord not being attached. I forgot what it said exactly, it goes so fast!
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