Transfering an HDD to a new computer

Hi, I just built my first build today, however I want to take the Hard Drive out of my old computer and put it in the new one so I can save my stuff and also the Operating System. I took it out and put it in the new one, made sure it was all connected. However when I booted the computer it would say "Starting Windows", but then restart. At first I thought It was booting off of the SSD; it was not. I am not really sure what to do.
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  1. How different the computer spec is? You might need to reinstall windows.

    Or try running repair windows with the windows dvd.
  2. it will be difficult to migrate your old installation to new build because of the difference in the referenced hardware that's installed in os registry and the new platform that you are migrating to. You will have to go for a new installation but your partitions would still be recognized properly so you wont loose any data with a new installation. simply do not format before install

    good luck
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