WTH - AMD II X4 445

Hi so, for some reason my CPU AMD 445, voltage v-core is varying , at stock , I think is a bit to high @ 1.42.

Here is Min - Max with Cool & Quiet ON.

And here is with it dis-abled in windows power, and BIOS

Unfortunately HWmonitor is the paid version so it does not show it at lowest V-core, But it is showing it was at 1.41, which is actually 1.408.

Any help :??:
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  1. Also I think temps were to high also, because I was only browsing Tom's.
  2. So it is without C & Q, @ 1.408 - 1.424

  3. >????
  4. Guys is it OK or what , pls reply....

    If someone could reply, it would be MUCH! appreciated...
  5. Patience is a virtue, one you apparently lack.

    The forum is less busy on weekends so give people time to respond.

    Now to answer your question, you will get slightly different voltages at different load levels with C&Q turned off, its to be expected. The reason the voltage drops significantly with C&Q on is that when it drops the clock speed it drops the voltage as well to reduce power consumption even more. HW monitor isnt entirely accurate with its voltage monitoring so those numbers might be off by a bit but they look to be about right.

    Your temps are also about right, just browsing the internet my 955 tends to sit at about 34C, but idle temps are less important than load temps, as long as you stay in the safe range when at load idle temps dont matter at all.
  6. temps look fine compared to my stock cooler 445 HTPC box.
  7. LOL Sorry for posting to many, I dont have much patiens

    but I am REALLY! geratful for all you helpful guys replying :D
  8. But anyway I have seen some 445's @ stock V-core running 1.36

    So why is mine higher?
  9. Because your motherboard has put up those settings, if they are on auto.
  10. 1.4/1.425 is the normal v-core for Athlon X3s.
    WHat Mobo do you have though? Some Mobos can under/over volt on its own for various reasons.
  11. OK so thanks everyone, I am going to buy a UCC mobo also, to try unlocking, what will my CPU be if unlocked?

    A phenom what?
  12. I have a ECS GF8100VM-M5, @ latest BIOS, but I am upgrading to a

    Asrock N68C-S

    Mainly for the UCC and DDR2- 3 , so I can upgrade RAM in future :D
  13. It will be a Athlon X4 645, no L3 cache on the Rana chip.
  14. I though it would be Phenom LOL, but yes I understand now, Rana is also a X4..

    thanks bro.!

  15. It is showing a Propus die?
  16. brendz155 said:

    It is showing a Propus die?

    The Athlon X3 is called Rana, while the Athlon X4 is the Propus.
    The Athlon X3 is a Propus with a locked core, so when unlocked it essentially becomes a Propus.
  17. Thanks mate, LOL Im not a crack addict.
  18. No I just want a new mobo


    So I can upgrade to DDR3 in the near future :D

    And for it low price, with good OC capabilities.

    Yes I will also try Unlocking the core. But I dont care if it wont unlock.
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