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Hello I have a little of problem. My pc is this : CPU - amd athlon64-2/4000+am2, MB - asus m2n-e sli, 3GB Ram and a video card - saphirehd2600xt/256gddr4. I am not happy with my video card because I get very low fps and I want a new video card which will be better. I cannot spend much but i want an upgrade so please give me your ideas. And is the FPS problem caused by the video card? Thanks.
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  1. You would be OK to go up to HD4850, HD5750 or GTS250. You could always overclock your CPU a little if you run into bottleneck. Here is a good deal on GTS250
  2. And What CPU Upgrade would you suggest?
  3. Gingerbread said:
    And What CPU Upgrade would you suggest?

    This one will give you a nice boost unfortunately your motherboard does not support the newer AM3 CPU's.
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