Any mid-tower non-LianLi cases with USB 3.0 ports?

Does anyone know if any mid-tower ATX cases exist, besides expensive Lian Li's, that have USB 3.0 ports on the front?

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  1. Actually nevermind, I found a few I just have to put a space between 'USB 3.0' when searching Newegg.

    Unfortunately none of them have any reviews. :(
  2. I could not find one because usb 3.0 is fairly new. You could always use a usb 3.0 hub to plug in the back of your case.
  3. I found a few, the cheapest one is $80 from Thermaltake.

    What's funny is that all these cases with USB 3.0 support, including Lian-Li, have a USB cable running from the front to the back.

    Like this:

    Does anyone know if this is going to be a standard with USB 3 or are these cases just "workarounds" until USB 3 becomes more mainstream?
  4. I think it's probably a work-around.
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