Help-- is gtx 460 compatible with my motherboard?

About to buy GTX 460, I purchased an MSI 870-G54. Link is here for mobo:

MSI Product link is:

Sorry I'm a noob and don't know this, but the GTX 460 isn't listed in the supported graphics cards list, I reckon because it's too new of a GPU. It should still work in my PCI-E 2.0 16x, right? Otherwise I need to go with the 5850.

Also, anyone know where I can get a cheaper 1gb gtx 460, that isn't Palit?

Thanks everyone in advance!!
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    that mobo will work just fine with a 460, that list is just what the MSI had time to test. don't worry about it go ahead and get the 460

    for a cheaper 460

    This is the cheapest name brand 460 i could find
  2. dude, any GPU will work on any motherboard (for the most part) I SAID FOR THE MOST PART. So don't worry....
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