Very very strange please help

Here is the situation,

couple of days ago I turned on the computer in the morning and my samsung lcd power button just flashed,

Since then I have had my friend try my radeon HD4850 in his computer and it worked fine.

Today I noticed that the onboard graphics works fine using vga, here is the strange thing, I cannot see the startup screen where I am dual booting xp and windows 7, I cannot see the slash screen, I cannot choose which OS to go to, after a few minutes I end up at the logon screen for windows 7. I login to windows 7 and in device manager there is no radeon visibile, I try running add hardware and it detects nothing, I install catalyst drivers and still nothing in device manager.

I have no way to get into windows xp.

I have googled this and so many different answers came up that nothing helped. I tried repeatedly hitting del or F10 and the monitor starts flashing not optoimum mode recommended is 1680x1050 which is what it has always been set to for windows 7 and xp.

My friend hooked his monitor up to my computer using a vga to dvi input and it does the same thing so it seems it is not my monitor since his monitor does the same and it is not my video card since it works in my friends computer.

How come all of a sudden it is doing this. Please give me a logical answer.

what else can I do?

I am hoping it is something simple and not a hardware failure.

Should I reset the BIOS, if so how do I do that and do I lose any data on my harddrives as I have two.

my vidoe card and psu are only one year old, all fans on the computer seem to be running normally and windows 7 through onboard graphics is working fine.

thank you
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  1. It is possible your power supply has degraded(happens over time) and can no longer power the HD4850.
    It wouldn't explain not seeing the boot up screens on the IGP but that may be another issue entirely. You also likely can still get into xp if you just push the up arrow around when you should during the bootup process. Might take a few tries but it should work.
    You can try resetting the BIOS but if you weren't messing with it around when the problem occurred it likely isn't the problem. Resetting the BIOS usually involves removing a jumper on your motherboard and replacing it after half a minute or so. Just look in your motherboard manual(can probably be found online if you have lost the physical manual.) Resetting the BIOS will not hurt or remove data from your hard drives at all.
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