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Quiet case

Going to build a very quiet system
Wants to buy fractal design r3. Read that is a very sound absorbing case. Problem is that is sold out everywhere in my country. I wonder if u have suggestion on qiuet cases? max 150 usd
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  1. What country?
  2. Norway
  3. It would help if your provide which country you are in.

    if you are in canada NCIX has them in stock. Newegg doesn't.

    As for another recommendation, a friend has the antec sonata elite ( i had to call him and ask what it was LOL) and that thing is super quiet and not bad looking.
  4. Here's a list of quiet cases reviewed and tested by a reputable site.
  5. cases don't make any noise unless you drop them, its the fans that make noise (hint)
  6. I know that cases dont make noise. But u know what I mean. I guess some cases can absorb the sound better than others.
    I already have quiet fans. cpu fan most important. Artic cooler 64, and corsair 550w psu. But my harddisk makes noise, and even if the fans are quiet its still to much sound for me. But I am going to upgrade my whole comp so disks and case will be replaced
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    antec has solid side panels that absorb noise. my antec 300 makes little noise as does the sonata mentioned above.
  8. then I will consider bying it if I have to wait along time for fractal design r3. Anyone who has experience with fractal design r3? and how its performing compared to other "silent" cases?
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  10. until I fitted my gtx470 my Antec P180B was very quiet with a 8800GTX, the P18X's are quite good.
  11. 13thmonkey said:
    until I fitted my gtx470 my Antec P180B was very quiet with a 8800GTX, the P18X's are quite good.

    Using a mini p180 here,

    along with some relatively warm hardware, and this thing can be made almost whisper silent...

    Most of the time the only way to tell whether my computer is on is by looking at the little LED :lol:

    My reccomendation goes to the Antec P180 Series
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